Pay As You Earn

We offer a full weekly or monthly payroll service. Many of our clients who have staff (ranging from one person to a whole workforce) prefer to outsource their payroll function to us. Our experienced team produce payslips for all employees, and will advise you of any PAYE and National insurance contributions due to HMRC. As part of the service, we also file the company’s year-end P35 return with HMRC and produce P60s for all employees (or a P45 if they leave during the year).

For business owners who are also directors of their own limited companies, we will advise on their payroll issues and make recommendations of what salary to draw. If they have no other staff, we still provide a payroll service in order to generate a director’s payslip.

In addition to the above, we can offer a range of other payroll services, from CIS monthly returns to general advice on payroll administration.

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